Would you like to play with the prototype?  Be a beta tester to help us make decisions and work out all the bugs.  Pre-Purchase the App and email us to let us know  We are taking the next 300 families.

"Game Changer"

"We implemented it into our home a month ago and have already noticed an improvement in our boys behaviour and help around the house.

Hire and Fire your Kids is an amazing family acitivity that teaches your children the importance of helping out at home and having respect for one another.

We have found it to be a game changer with our boys!"

Christine - 3 Boys, age 8, 6, 4

"Less Stressed!"

 “HFK helped our family to start a conversation about household task- sharing and really helping one another out.  It’s been a great resource to help us get organized!

From a mother’s perspective I feel a lot less stressed and bitter trying to do it having the girls tasks laid  out for them with specific responsibilities outlined it’s crystal clear for us and the kids”

Tara - 2 Girls, age 14 and 10

"Actually Shocked!"

"My kids were excited to start playing Hire and Fire your Kids!  Lots of X's being handed out for month 1, but it has helped with the awareness around our expectations.  I am actually still shocked at how serious my kids are taking Hire and Fire."

Anne - 3 Boys, age 9, 7, 5

"Genius Program"

"Jody has created a genius program to help give kids the opportunity to be contributing members of a team through daily chores and expectations."

Mompreneur, Canada's Business Resource For Women

"No More Nagging?"

"I couldn't believe how much the kids were eager to help, and instead of having to remind them again and again, I could simply capture the 'X-Worthy' photo and send it to them.  I customized the game so I could give them a chance to remedy the X within a time frame given.  Voila!  Job is done and I didn't have to NAG A SINGLE WORD!

We are really loving Hire and Fire your Kids".

Jennifer - Boy & Girl age 13 and 8

Feel Like FIRING Your Kid Today?

  • Is your family life frustrating you?
  • Do you feel you like your Kids aren't listening or helping out enough around the house?
  • Are you tired of repeating yourself when it comes to family values like positive attitude, be kind, manners and hygiene?
  • Do you want some help to make your family life easier but not sure where to start?

Then get ready to play...

We have developed an App that allows you to HIRE and FIRE your KIDS!

You can Hire your Kids to do jobs and earn money or rewards. Instead of you simply giving the Kids allowance, Hire them to help out and keep your household working for you.  You're HIRED!

Our app also allows you to track when your Kids deviate from your family values or behavior expectations.  After 3 strikes... they're FIRED!  Removing them from eligibility in special bonus rewards.

Kids learn accountability, money management, the value of teamwork and more.  Preparing them for the future!

Everything can be customized from the type of rewards, jobs and expectations, bi-weekly or monthly "pay" day and more!  Set it up to suit your family and help bring some sanity to your home.

The HIRE and FIRE your KIDS App turns chores and behaviors into a game that everyone can play! 

ONE PERSONS LIST - great one._CLEAN - New with ICONS

The HIRE and FIRE your KIDS App allows you to:

  • Communicate expectations to all family members
  • Build essential family values
  • Show the value of responsibility
  • Develop confidence in your Kids
  • Encourage Kids to take the initiative
  • Learn why respect is important
  • Allows positive reinforcement for good behaviour
  • Create teamwork and build family bonding


No more repeating and screaming at your Kids to make their bed, wash their hands or stop hitting their brother...

This App teaches children responsibility, skills and life lessons they'll need in order to function on their own in the 'real world' one day.

What is included in the HIRE and FIRE your KIDS APP?

  • One annual fee includes ALL family members
  • Preset and customizable job and expectation lists
  • “X" Worthy photo sending function
  • Teamwork Bonus
  • Not FIRED Bonus
  • Employee of the Month Bonus
  • Customizable Rules of the Game
  • Kids Kash & Pay Day
  • Pay Stubs
  • Notifications and trackers
JOB OPENING - great one_CLEAN - New with ICONS

How does the HIRE and FIRE your KIDS APP work?

You HIRE and FIRE your KIDS in the way that works for you:

  • what jobs and expectations you want to include
  • how much to pay
  • when is pay day
  • how to pay (Dollars or Experience)
  • how many X’s (warnings) do they get before the gamer is FIRED
  • what the teamwork bonus is
  • can your Kids fire you

Ready to Play? ...

Let's make your family life a little easier and prepare your Kids for the "real world"!  Pre-purchase price of $5.99