Nominated For A MOMPRENEUR Award!

We’ve been nominated for Mompreneur Award!  We thought we’d share our entry interview below.  Let us know what you think and better yet VOTE VOTE VOTE for Hire and Fire your Kids!  VOTE HERE


  1. Company SHORT Tagline, Description or Mission Statement


Feel like FIRING your Kid today?  Well, now you can…  Let’s raise more responsible, independent, well rounded Kids who are ready for the real world and save your sanity along the way!

It’s a real world game are you ready to play?


  1. Company & Product/Service LONG Description

Hire and Fire your Kids is a parenting & household behaviour app committed to ‘The Future of Parenting in a Digital Age’.

The app combines fun with function, and monetizes positive contributions of chores, hygiene, manners, money sense and more – all of which is customizable to parental preferences. We teach kids life skills using a gaming format.

You get to Hire your Kids for jobs around the house and Fire them when they don’t follow your family values & expectations.  Kids are motivated to play using recognition, reward and discipline, enabling them to learn the value of a dollar and be able to take care of themselves when out on their own.  By giving our Kids the opportunity to be contributing members of a team through daily jobs and expectations, research suggests we’re preparing them to be successful individuals in the ‘real world’.

The app provides customizable templates which help establish control, promote creativity, and instill constructive behaviour. Our game-like system mimics the workforce amplifying core values of respect, teamwork and accountability.  It’s an effective way to change behaviours through play while nurturing family bonds along the way!


  1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

As a kid, I ran many small ‘pretend’ businesses selling everything from apples and lemonade, to golf balls and candy.  I would take the opportunities around me and monetize them.

I always imagined having my own business one day, and after spending years in retail sales & management I’m making it happen.  Circumstances and life experiences led to the building of Hire and Fire your Kids.  My strengths have always been developing people and getting the best out of their unique selves.  I thought if I could provide the same value to family’s vs. businesses that would be a way bigger win for this world.

Hire and Fire your Kids was inspired by my blended family.  It’s a program I created while on maternity leave in 2015.  I bought the domain name but never intended to do anything with it.  That is, until friends and family tried it out and experienced the same explosive results.  As our Kids grew and everything digital became the norm, we realized that Hire and Fire your Kids would be much easier to manage as an App.  This led to the expansion beyond our home.


  1. What would winning a Mompreneur® Award mean to you, your family, and/or your business?

Winning this award would propel Hire and Fire your Kids to go viral and impact many families beyond our local support.  Winning would increase interest and adoption, spread brand awareness and provide benefits for families by helping them prepare their kids for the real world!

Personally, it would mean I’m on the right track.  I’ve never done anything this risky in my life and a new business not only scares me but I know it’s scaring my family too.  I’ve invested my retirement savings into Hire and Fire and I’m working it daily as a full time job with no payment…  There is something inside though, that keeps saying ‘move forward’.  I’m trusting my gut instinct, my work ethic and my relationships to get this business off the ground and bring the app into homes of families who could use our help to make their lives a little easier.

If I won, I would have the peace of mind knowing people see the same value as I do and want to share us with others.

If I won, I know that my family could probably breathe a sigh of relief as there would be some validation that success is near.

If I won, I know it would make my daughters proud of their Mom who could take a big risk on her dream to help others and actually make it happen.

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