Amazon Mom!

According to the dictionary an Amazon is “a member of a legendary race of female warriors”… In today’s world that translates to you being the Queen of your very own Momdom! In every great kingdom there is a strong leader surrounded by loyal servants and soldiers, along with the tools and weapons to fight, protect, and win! Your Momdom is no different and this post is here to serve YOU! Want to learn how to better navigate the complexities, stresses, and chaos life throws at us in this digital age? Read on my friends!

Operating your Momdom likely involves overseeing everything from operational effectiveness (getting kids up, dressed, fed, lunches made, to school on time, homework, laundry, house cleaning, pet(s) fed, walked, garbage collection, personal taxi, doctor/dentist appointments, extra curriculars, playdates and a whole host of other things), to emotional or even physical support (wiping tears, kissing boo boo’s, and let’s not forget the biggest kid of all – tending to hubby especially when sick)! It’s ENDLESSSSSS and never ever, ever stops. So, what are the hints and tips to rule your Momdom with greater ease?

AMAZON! Become an Amazon Mom and don’t look back. Never look back. It’s a life saver. Think of all the items you begrudge having to buy on a consistent basis especially if you have to gather the troops, strap them into car seats/seatbelts, and take them out with you to do it. Let alone when you do this, nine out of ten times you end up buying something you didn’t go out for or didn’t really need and sometimes it’s even to appease the rowdy passenger(s) with you!

Most commonly it’s the household items such as toilet paper, dish soap, diapers, tampons, face wipes/cleanser, laundry detergent, pet food, baby food, garbage bags, lightbulbs, batteries, suntan spray/lotion, and more. These are all items that in my opinion are just the worst because they’re not fun to buy and they’re either used so often, or not often enough so often run out at the most inconvenient time making it a royal pain to ‘HAVE’ to go out for.

Well, the answer to much of these woes is AMAZON! So, if you haven’t signed up for an Amazon Prime account yet = DO IT! It’s worth the $. Log on to Amazon today (and no, they aren’t giving me any kickbacks for this post). Sign up for an Amazon Prime account and auto order these items to your doorstep on a cycle that makes sense for you and your family. The most excellent bonus and side benefit apart from the obvious time savings and reduced anxiety is that it’s FUN! Getting those packages to your door is exciting no matter what’s inside. Sure, it’s not thrilling it might be the toilet paper, but it’s the wonder of not knowing what’s really in that brown box let alone opening it up. You can make it even more fun by letting the kids open the boxes, play with the boxes (what kids don’t like playing with boxes?) or color on or cut up the boxes to reuse for crafts (now I’m stretching it a little, but you get the point).

So, what are you doing still reading this?! Go on, open up another browser window and hop onto (or .com if US based) and open a Prime account. Once you set it up it’s easy and hassle free. Cancel anytime and about $8/month which is not hard to justify given multiple saved trips, gas, hassle etc…

Here is the convenient link:

Give me a shout out when you get your first box delivered. Enjoy!

Contributing writer: Carrie White

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