HFK - Other Editions

Hire and Fire your Kids - School Edition
Motivate your STUDENTS using our game and teach them to become more accountable, respectful and responsible. Help make a difference in your students lives by preparing them to be successful individuals in the real world.

Hire and Fire your Spouse

Yup, you read that right!  Use our fun game and get your spouse to finally hang that picture on the wall, close some doors after they open them or put their dirty socks in the hamper - without having to nag nag nag!  The rewards in this edition can be quite "interesting" too 😉

Hire and Fire your Roommate

Feel weird nagging your roommate all the time?  Are you not saying anything at all because you don't want to "rock the boat"?  Feel like soon, you're going to explode?  This edition is just what you need!  It's fun and will help manage the chores and responsibilities in your shared home.

HFK Pay Day Cards

Pre-Paid Debit cards
No need to hit the bank every Pay Day, we have you covered!

After setting up your HFK family account you will have the option to get pre-paid debit cards mailed to your home with a $0 balance for each of your Kids.

Every Pay Day just hit the Pay Day button on the app and funds from your choice of bank or card will load your Kids HFK Pay Day Card!

Kids can use in-store and on-line.

HFK Scholarship Program

Nominate your Kid!
Each year every Kid chosen as the Employee of the Month will automatically be entered into the HFK $10,000.00 Scholarship Program.

Families who purchased the app can also submit their Kids to the program.

More details to come, including program start date......

Employee of the Year!
We really want to give back and work with families to nurture their bond, helping them raise more successful, well rounded Kids who are ready for the real world!

Who will be our 1st Employee of the Year and earn a $10,000.00 School Scholarship?

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