June SWOON Challenge!

Hi readers, here’s something to ask yourself:   “When was the last time you experienced fainting from extreme emotion?”.  How about feeling “a lot of pleasure, love, etc. because of something or someone?”.  Or how about getting so “excited about a thing or person that you get all bubbly on the inside?”  

According to several dictionary sources including Meriam Webster, Oxford, Google, and Urban Dictionary these are all definitions of ‘swoon’.  What does this have to do with this month’s article?  A CHALLENGE is upon you starting today!  This minute!  The moment your eyes read these letters on the screen YOU are officially CHALLENGED to take part in June Swoon.  

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to create and convert weekly occurrences of “June Swoon” for yourself, your children, your significant other, family members or friends.  Four weeks in a month so four opportunities to feel or endow “extreme emotion”.  

  1. Start by brainstorming and think about all the passions and joys those you care about enjoy.  
  2. Unleash your creativity and decide on a format, method, or medium you want to use.  
  3. MAKE it happen! 

For those of you who might be close to passing on this one…hold up!  Maybe you’re not the creative thinker or time doesn’t lend itself to you for doing any of this.  STOP – Will you not spare literally 5-10 minutes out of your week to give JOY to yourself or others?  ‘Cmon now!  

Examples so you may be inspired:  

The Write Way:

  • Brainstorm – My youngest daughter loves to write quotes and sayings on her whiteboard in her room.  
  • Unleash Creativity – I wrote out four ways she inspires me to be a better person, mom, and woman.  I wrote one on her whiteboard, one on a post-it, sent one to her phone via text, and the last I put on a big Bristol board for when she got home (telling her there were 3 others she had to find).  
  • Make it Happen! – She was taken aback, in awe of why I did this (and that I was a tad crazy), and ultimately we shared such a unique moment that made me giddy while doing it, excited to see her reaction, and ultimately she told me “Mom, you just filled my bucket”!  

I’ll Miss You So Much! 

  • Brainstorm – My oldest daughter is leaving for University in the Fall.  I know she will miss us and vice versa and all she’s talked about is how excited she is to decorate her dorm room.  

Unleash Creativity – Using technology at my disposal (aka my iPhone) I went onto Mixtiles You can “turn your photos into affordable, stunning wall art” for $59 CAD and free shipping. 

  • I picked a family photo, one of our dog, and one of her and her sister together.  They’ve arrived, look AMAZING, and the reviews are fantastic.  I’m waiting until her graduation gift to give them to her!  (I’m all bubbly inside just thinking about it)!  #extremeemotion

These are just two small examples, I have plenty more to share however the CHALLENGE is on and I’m excited to hear/see YOUR June Swoon!

Contributing writer: Carrie White

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