Managing ‘Mom’ Madness

Managing ‘Mom’ Madness 

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  2. Matriarch
  3. Merlot / Mimosa 

In like a lion/out like a lamb or vice versa…typical of what is felt throughout the whirlwind that is March. With it brings extra careful calculation of plans, playdates, extracurriculars, vacation requiring thorough organizational skills and excellence in execution! So, how can you manage the ‘Mom’ Madness of March?  

MINDFULNESS – not a new concept however achieving it requires consistency and commitment in your thoughts with a purpose. Here are three easy ‘gut checks’ you can ask yourself amid the chaos.  

  • “’Am I saving lives?” – most of us are not, unless it’s our profession, so for most the hectic energy, feelings of stress and anxiety, are typically self-induced. Life, while busy, is not worth getting into such a ‘tizzy’ over. Breathe, realize you’re not saving lives here and be good with ‘ok’ or ‘just enough’.  
  • “Have I laughed at myself today?” – if you haven’t, you’re taking yourself and your life way too seriously. Go! Right now. LOOK in the mirror, a window, a shiny surface, take a picture of yourself LAUGHING and do so for about 30 seconds-1 minute. Laugh about how ridiculous you’re trying to be doing it ALL and being everything to everyone. Since when are you Super Woman anyway? This is a guaranteed way to be present in the moment (whatever it brings) and BE. My mother was a goddess at this. She had the BIGGEST guffaw, and her laughter lit up a room and she was unapologetic about how big, how loud, or where she was. Laugh like no one is listening!  
  • “What’s my body doing right now?” – Often, focusing on what our physical body is doing in the moment takes us into a much more mindful state. Are you clenching your teeth, wiggling your feet, do you have your tongue pressed against your mouth, are you tapping your fingers, is your heart rate elevated? Focus on WHAT you’re doing so you can change HOW you’re doing it. I often tell myself (in my inner voice) “It’s my body B#$TCH and I’ll boss it”! (Not the other way around)! 

MATRIARCH – term given to a woman who is the head of a family or tribe. My fave part of this word is the last four letters: ‘arch’ because we moms are always over-‘arching’ in our desires to please, to do, to be (to borrow the army term “all that you can be”). When and why did we get so demanding of ourselves or so used to pleasing everyone else? Hellooooo women everywhere it’s ok to have ‘me’ time, let alone ‘we’ time. The trick to this is setting the expectation for yourself FIRST that you deserve it and then communicating that to the rest of your family or household. Pick a date/time, block it off and just DO IT, just like Nike says. This ‘me’ or girlfriend ‘we’ time doesn’t have to be long or tied to a specific outing. Quarantine yourself off and fill your bucket up! A bath, a nap, a manicure, facial, a chapter of a book, 10 minutes with your face in the warm sun, listening to birds, or smelling roses. Whatever it is, ‘MAKE IT SO’! (for you Star Trek fans).  

MERLOT / MIMOSA – While I’m not encouraging any to drink their woes or children’s wicked ways away, a nice glass of Merlot at night or Mimosa in the morning is not SO horrible! You can even make this ‘fun’ and involved with the whole family stating that Saturday is Mimosa Morning (better yet, ‘Mom’osa morning). Serve yourself the fun bubbly and OJ in some nice crystal glasses and let the kids have some fun too feeling special with their OJ in a nice glass (even plastic champagne/wine glasses could do the trick)!  

All in all, March brings a lion (lioness) spirit in with it and these are our hints/tips on ways to combat and cope with “Mom” Madness in March! Enjoy and great luck. 

Contributing writer Carrie White

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